A look at my EC horizontal this week!

SpongeBob theme Spongebob themeMonthly viewMonthly View

So as you can tell, I went with a Spongebob theme this week!  I bought the graphics and clip art on Etsy and make my own stickers for my planner out of them!  I love the way it all came together, the color scheme makes me happy!

On my monthly view, these are also all stickers I made myself, in Silhouette Studio. I tried to stick with the blue/grey theme that is already there, but I needed a little more color, so I jazzed it up just little with some yellow.

I know my stickers aren’t perfectly aligned, nor are they perfectly cut, but I am getting a silhouette cameo in the coming weeks, so that will change.

I use this planner mainly for school and little reminders of things that are very important to do.  I have an EC vertical planner as well and it is more of my everyday to do home binder.  Once I get that system a little more streamlined I will post its layouts as well!

❤ Allie


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