Ok so here’s the thing, I have been making my own stickers for my planners for a while now, but I feel like Im doing the same ol’ same ol’ over and over.  I know that repetitiveness is ok, but I need some ideas, some inspiration.  I mean I have a few things that I designed that I am HEAD OVER HEELS about, but I feel like I need to expand a little more.   So, to those of you who are as addicted to planning and stickers as I am, what type of stickers are missing in your arsenal?  What are your favorites?  Help me figure out some new ideas, and there might just be some freebies posted for your help!!

Really hoping to grow and get to know you guys like friends and family, so please don’t hesitate to comment and let me know what you’re thinking!

❤ Allie


2 thoughts on “Input?!

  1. AAAHH what a hard question, I was thinking for a good minute there… let’s think about animals that are kinda underdogs… or items… Ill be thinking!!!


    1. Great idea!! I’m gonna make a list of the animals that come to mind, and the ones not on the list I shall see what I can come up with for! Thanks for the idea! Let me know what else you come up with!!



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